Wednesday, January 22, 2014

11715: Crestor & Cluelessness.

Saw this inane Crestor commercial and wanted to comment how the main character—aside from being a complete jackass—is actually displaying the side effects of the drug (namely, memory loss and confusion). Then noticed the spot was posted on YouTube by UptownCLTViolence, along with the following unedited commentary:

So the ad agency again feels that it’s important to cast a black man as the smart, all knowing doctor and the white man as a complete fool who acts like an immature child. Even his wife and child do not respect him. Watch how he runs off too his room and kicks his feet around like a 10 year old girl. Did you notice all the ways that ad agencies and advertisers use techniques like these to ridicule white men and especially white fathers in America? Ever wonder why? Maybe contact Paul Spittle, Marketing Head or Corporate Media Relations, Michele Meixell at 302-885-6351. Enough bashing white men and especially fathers. We can use other products AstraZeneca.

A visit to the organization’s YouTube page found a collection of commercials and the following unedited explanation:

This channel is dedicated to showing America the racial bias and effort to ridicule white men by advertising agencies. Notice how many commercials portray white men as dumb and mindless, while at the same time depicting black men as highly intelligent, better educated and capable. They are cast in roles as stable family men who are good fathers, good providers and who are leaders in business.

Sadly the truth and statistics demonstrate just the opposite. So why does Madison Avenue continue to attack white males? Isn’t the job of ad agencies to sell a product or a service? Why insult and ridicule white men? The propaganda must end and the intentional manipulation of the minds of the passive TV watchers must end too. I urge you to boycott and company listed featured on my channel. Maybe then the advertisers will demand honesty in their commercials. Stop the attempts to brainwash America!

In the event that UptownCLTViolence is honestly seeking responses to its charges and questions, MultiCultClassics will offer some insight.

It’s true that advertising agencies show racial bias when depicting White men and Black men, but not quite the way UptownCLTViolence might imagine.

Why does Madison Avenue continue to attack White males? Why insult and ridicule White men? Dunno. Maybe UptownCLTViolence should pose the queries directly to the White men running the industry. White men are definitely leading the creative departments, as women allegedly hold only 3 percent of the creative director positions—and there are even fewer minorities with the title. While “dumb White guy” depictions in advertisements are common, they hardly constitute a growing trend. Additionally, such caricatures don’t warrant being classified as racial bias. Self-deprecation might be a more accurate descriptor. Or simply viewing such concepts as being contrived clichés shat out by hackneyed assholes is probably the best explanation.

As for the depiction of Black men as “highly intelligent, better educated and capable,” well, that’s an overreaction too. Lots of advertisers prefer to play things in a politically-correct fashion; hence, they’ll portray minorities in a positive light. Hell, lots of Black agencies do likewise, albeit for different reasons. Regardless, the positive images still pale in comparison to the stereotypical and negative images. If there is indeed a concerted effort to shatter the myths and misperceptions about Black men, it’s not being orchestrated by the culturally clueless White men on Madison Avenue.

All that said, the Crestor character does succeed at making White men look buffoonish.

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Ro Gal said...

The Crestor depiction of the white male is the epitome of white male bashing in advertising. There are plenty of contenders, but this one has it all. His wife and kid disrespect him, and the black doctor confirms the white guy is indeed inferior and stupid.
All I can say is thank God this is not reality, but we're getting there.