Friday, July 04, 2014

11941: Not Buying Acura Campaign.

Thoroughly unimpressed with this Acura campaign concocted by Jerry Seinfeld. The work seems to be getting more PR for its celebrity creative director than its conceptual content. With the series of spots, Seinfeld makes look like Bill Bernbach. Give Seinfeld credit for accomplishing something he never could figure out with his long-running comedy show; that is, he finally managed to integrate a Black character in a leading role. But it’s not clear what the car salesman is supposed to be. He says, “I sell cars. You sell you.” Okay, but the majority of his unfunny banter is not selling cars. In fact, the most he offers about the latest Acura is that it comes in a variety of colors before blurting, “I’ll get the paperwork started.” Actual Acura dealers should be so lucky in their salesmanship. If Seinfeld really wants to push the envelope, he should produce pool-outs with cameo appearances by Michael Richards.

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