Tuesday, August 15, 2017

13787: Michael Roth’s Racism Rant.

AgencySpy posted a memo from IPG CEO Michael Roth, who condemned the racist violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. Roth failed to receive a Twitter spanking from President Donald Trump, probably because Roth doesn’t register a mini-blip on Trump’s radar. Hell, the moron only earned a post on AgencySpy—and a probable ADCOLOR® Award nomination. Roth will undoubtedly copy the memo into the holding company’s gobbledygook on diversity and inclusion. Yet given the historical cultural cluelessness at IPG, Roth speaking out against racism is like, well, a White supremacist speaking out against racism.

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Anonymous said...

Having been through the unfortunate experience of working for IPG agencies through the years, I can say this guy is blowing his own horn to appear diverse while the agencies continue on their merry racist way.

The Campbell Ewald thing with Jim Palmer didn't happen in a vacuum.

IPG's company culture is as racist as you'd expect, and the only reason Roth is releasing this statement is to earn brownie points from ( and/or stall ) clients too lazy to do any digging for the hiring numbers of black and brown American minorities at his agencies.

Sorry. I see right through it. I doubt I'm the only one. So screw Michael Roth for climbing on the back of serious issues of racism to deflect from his own role in sustaining it for years.