Sunday, August 07, 2005

Essay 101

MultiCultClassics Minutes wings it with chicken, playing chicken, chicken-heads and more.

• PETA continues its campaign against KFC — dubbed Kentucky Fried Cruelty. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have been harassing the fast food joint for its allegedly inhumane treatment of chickens. Protesters’ routines include showing up at restaurants in bloody chicken costumes and presenting videos of mutilated chickens to dining customers. Unlike other restaurants that ultimately revised procedures involving the animals used to create products, KFC refuses to change or even acknowledge any wrongdoing. Given the unclean conditions at most KFC outlets, someone needs to protest the inhumane treatment of patrons.

• On a semi-related chicken front, Mickey D’s is running ads with a new trademarked line to accompany “i’m lovin’ it” — “it’s what i eat and what i do.” The word “and” is highlighted in a different color. The new tag appears to be an attempt to create a healthier split personality for the fast food giant. Print ads tout things like “high quality chicken” and depict people with active, multi-tasking lifestyles. Mickey D’s is becoming quite the multi-tasking communicator, hyping every grade of poultry from high quality chicken to chicken salads to the deep-fried gizzards called McNuggets. Won’t be long before they introduce the Chicken & Waffles McGriddles® or Chicken McFlurry.

• Chrysler hooked up with Snoop Dogg. GMC rhymed with Mos Def. So Ford probably thought it hit the hip hop jackpot when partnering with Eminem. The automaker agreed to provide Slim Shady with a hot ride for a music video. But now the relationship is dead, as Ford chickened out after hearing vulgar lyrics from the popular artist. “It was just that the song was over the top. It just wasn’t Ford,” a company spokesman explained. Not sure why Ford would be surprised over Eminem’s work. Guess they’ve never tuned their car radios to any station playing rap music.

• Foxy Brown just flipped off a plea bargain that would have kept her out of prison for allegedly attacking salon workers over a manicure gone wrong. It sure would be hot if Foxy Brown and Lil’ Kim wound up being cellmates. Talk about the ultimate reality TV series. And if OJ Simpson confessed, it could turn into a cross between Oz, The Simple Life and Three’s Company. Damn!

• A lesser known hip hop figure is in a legal jam. Gabriele T. Smith, money manager for Fabolous, DJ Clue and numerous wealthy music executives, is accused of stealing over $3 million from her clients. There are speculations Smith may cut a deal with authorities by providing information on other hip hop financial crimes — specifically, money laundering involving rap music label Murder Inc. Not sure it’s a good idea to cross an organization with that name.

• Wal-Mart is facing legal problems with angry women — 1.6 million of them, to be exact. Female employees are accusing the retailer of discriminating against them with unequal pay and promotions. The mega-lawsuit may prove too large for the U.S. justice system to handle. Wal-Mart. Always low wages for women. Always.


Mr. HustleKnocker said...

A big corporation not paying women the same wage as men for doing the same job?


in the white collar arena companies have gotten away with this for years, mainly because outside of the HR folks and uppermanagent types, most people don't know whos actually getting paid what.

But i had some HR folks tell me some dirt over the years (absolut=truth serum) and according to them, it's a very very common practice.

As for the KFC/McD's stuff... i'm more concerned with Wendy's new line "DO WHAT TASTES GOOD." (is it 'tasts right'.) In either case, there new line blatantly tells folks, "Lookit, we know this stuff ain't good for you on any level, but at least your taste buds'll be happy until the crash cart shows up."

good stuff as usual, MCC. keep it up!

Marco Antonio said...

PETA/KFC: You and I know very well that there will always be protestors for everything. There's no such thing as a world without protestors or it will become a utopia. Not sayin' the world would be a better place without them, I'm just sayin' the world would be better if everything was fixed, and you and I know that will never happen.

McD's: Don't forget about that "Fruit Buzz" they're creating: Grapes, apples, yogurt, and almonds....come on, is that really a "fruit buzz"? All McD did was put American's top two favorite fruits together so to make them think they are eating more healthy. True it's better than eating a quarter pounder, but how about the other fruits that make a differance (and namely the fruits that not many people like to eat. Why? Because it doesn't sell).

"And if OJ Simpson confessed, it could turn into a cross between Oz, The Simple Life and Three’s Company. Damn!": HA!

Wal-Mart: True it's women that are getting paid less, but of course we know it doesn't stop there. It's like a sick little racist/sexist ladder when it comes to buisness (sorry to anyone I offend)

1. Caucasian Male
2. Caucasian Female/African American Male
3. African American Female
4. Hispanic/Asian Males/Females
5-to-infinity. Et Cetera...

It's quite easy if you look at that ladder, it's based off the immigrants that first came to the U.S. Europeans interbred and became the highest rank on the ladder: Caucasians. Then the African slaves on the boat: African Americans. Then while we were trying to establish the western sections of the U.S. we brought over some mexicans and chinese to build the tracks, work on the grape/wheat feilds, mine for gold, ect...

So what's next on the list? People from the middle-east? Sad to say, but it seems so. Now it seems like it's "their turn" to be afraid of. Whenever Americans (and yes, I mean the white americans) are afraid of a certain race, they get ridiculed even if innocent ones try to live here. When will all the hate end?

Sorry, did I go on a rant there? comment or whatever you want to do.

-Marco Antonío