Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Essay 104

Our cup runneth over with ruckus reports. San Quentin was locked down following a melee between White and Hispanic inmates. Up to 80 prisoners were involved, which authorities claimed was the biggest riot at the penitentiary in 23 years. The rioting continues in Farmingville, New York, where Hispanics are being beaten and harassed by the locals. The Long Island area has been a popular destination for immigrants. But the regular residents are unhappy with the growing minority community, which includes many illegal aliens who ran North for job opportunities. Runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks — who originally claimed to be kidnapped by a Hispanic man — served part of her sentence by running a lawnmower at a government building. Seems like a pretty lame punishment. High school kids who break curfew are ordered to mow the lawn. Wilbanks should be forced to do landscaping work with illegal immigrants in Farmingville. Or prison time in San Quentin. Gotta run.

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Mr. HustleKnocker said...

Okay, I've said this one from Day One...

Jennifer Wilbank's punishment should be:

(1) She gets a weekly tan for 5 years. That way she'll be so dark that no one will care enough to look for her the next time she turns up missing.

(2) 3 years of working for her state's dept. of missing persons, where she'll catalogues photos, helps track down leads, field phone calls, etc. And she is only allowed to work on cases that involve missing black and hispanic women and children.

(3) any money she makes is forfeited and goes to fund actual missing people.

(4) she should be banned from marraige int he state of georgia. After all, isn't getting married what started her running in the first place?

As for all the riots and attacks, many of those folks are only doing what way too many are simply thinking. the idea this is one big melting pot of friendly folks who love diversity isn't exactly accurate.

According to a recent census report 80% of white americans live in neighborhoods that are between 80-95% white....

that's not an accident.