Friday, May 04, 2007

Essay 2084

Call of the Wild with a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• “Can you hear me die? Good.” The government is studying using cell phones as detection devices against biological, chemical and radioactive attacks. A Homeland Security official said, “If it’s successful, it’ll change the way chemical, biological and radiation detection is done. … It’s a really, really neat thing.” Golly, it sounds totally awesome, dude!

• CBS plans to fight the proposed lawsuit from fired shock jock Don Imus (see Essay 2078). The company issued a statement that read, “We terminated Mr. Imus for cause. … Based on the comments in question and relevant contract terms, we believe that the termination was appropriate and CBS would expect to prevail in any attempt by Mr. Imus to recover money for his actions.” In other words, CBS has no intention of paying the old ho.

• Another hip-hop artist was charged with a DUI. This time it was rapper-actress Eve, who was arrested on April 26. Somebody ought to team her up with Busta Rhymes and a third rapper and call the act Run DUI.

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