Monday, November 26, 2007

Essay 4750

[UPDATE: View comments and Essay 4759 for clarification.]


Mark LaNeve said...

Some media outlets have inaccurately reported that General Motors is eliminating the use of African American and Hispanic-owned advertising agencies and assigning this work to general market agencies as part of an overall shift in marketing strategy.

To set the record straight, General Motors is using, and will continue to use, African American and Hispanic agencies to support its multi-cultural marketing activities for its brands as a fundamental strategic focus. In fact, spending in both African American and Hispanic media has increased sharply over the past several years, and we anticipate this trend will continue. GM spends more than any other automotive company on diversity marketing.

The current African American and Hispanic agency rosters follow:


African American: Carol H. Williams; Translation Marketing. The account is currently up for review; a decision will be made early next year

Hispanic: Accentmarketing


African American: Vigilante

Hispanic: Lápiz

Cadillac, Hummer, Saab: A decision regarding which diversity agencies will be assigned this work is pending and will be made early in 2008. Accentmarketing retains the Hispanic accounts for Cadillac and Hummer.

Saturn, GM Corporate: A decision regarding which diversity agencies will be assigned this work is pending and will be made early in 2008

After conclusion of the Chevrolet account review, and assignment of the Cadillac, Hummer, Saab, Saturn and GM Corporate business, GM will fulfill our strategy to broaden our diversity agency representation, covering all divisional brands and aligning our agencies to our retail channels. We firmly believe this strategy will strengthen our ability to increase business in the growing diversity market.

Mark LaNeve
GM North America Vice President
Vehicle Sales, Service & Marketing

HighJive said...

Thanks for the clarification, Mr. LaNeve. MultiCultClassics has already posted the revised Ad Age article (see Essay 4759). Believe it or not, our goal is never to wrongly attack anyone. And we always will clarify or retract blatant mistakes. At the same time, we’re always seeking to ignite discussions and debates in an area sorely lacking examination. We look forward to seeing how the GM scenario develops, particularly with regards to a spokesperson’s statement that the company is creating “a new approach to multicultural marketing.” All the best.

Ludlow + Grand said...

Question For Discussion: Are Multicultural Agencies The New Segregationists?