Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Essay 4766

Wanted to clarify a few points regarding the GM scenario, as blogging can lead to misunderstandings.

In many ways, this event is an opportunity for us all to examine the systems, processes and hierarchies we’ve created in our industry.

MultiCultClassics has always strived to present diverse opinions regarding multicultural marketing. It is a complicated and even confounding thing, filled with contradictions and highly emotional components. The combination of professionalism and politics often leads to uncomfortable conversations. Conflicts too. At the same time, it’s imperative that everyone attempts to consider the situations from multiple perspectives, deliberately weighing the causes and effects of each action.

MultiCultClassics doesn’t presume to have the answers—nor do we represent any collective group.

MultiCultClassics also believes that every player is truly committed to doing the best thing—and the right thing—for all parties involved.

Change is not easy, and not everyone walks away happy. But we must believe in a collaborative and open forum that embraces an inclusive spirit. Otherwise, we lessen the possibility for meaningful progress.

We now return you to our regular reprogramming.


Mr. HustleKnocker said...

you're way politer than i would be. such restraint is commendable. personally, i--oh, nevermind.

does it really matter anymore?

all i know is if the shoe were on the other foot and General Market shops, be they interactive, direct response, design, traditional, etc. had to fight and beg for the opportunity to get 5% of a client's budget simply because they're white-owned/majority white staffed, the problems in this industry would've been solved decades ago.

there'd be no hand-ringing and excuse making or finger pointing, it would just get fixed.

but hey, it's just black professionals getting screwed and since black consumers largely have no choice but to support these clients, why level the field in any other way, right?

HighJive said...

Polite? Restraint? Nah, it was just the old “Good Cop-Bad Cop” setup. Thanks for playing your role perfectly.