Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Essay 4760

Faking progress in a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• Foxy Brown was taken out of segregated confinement early, serving only 40 days of a 76-day sentence. The rapper had been placed in special holding for various offenses including screaming at guards and refusing to take a drug test, but was released for good behavior. Hey, it’s pretty rare to see Foxy Brown and good behavior in the same paragraph.

• New York radio personality DJ Star, who was fired for on-air threats and sexual comments directed at a rival’s wife and 4-year-old daughter (see Essay 868), is reportedly returning to the airwaves. What’s next? The Michael Richards Comedy Comeback? Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Christmas Special?

• Advertising Age reported Dentsu is seeking a dismissal of the Steve Biegel lawsuit (see Essay 4685). “If [Biegel] thought he had valid legal claims, he should have filed his lawsuit a year ago,” said a Dentsu spokesman. “Instead, he prepared his lawsuit and showed it to some of Dentsu’s biggest clients, while he and his attorney were attempting to extract in excess of $1 million from Dentsu.” Hey, a million bucks will buy a lot of Prague prostitutes. Regarding Biegel’s charge that his termination was tied to being Jewish, the spokesman added, “He was Jewish when he was hired by Dentsu, he was Jewish when he was fired and his firing was approved by the president of Dentsu, who is also Jewish. Mr. Biegel has provided not one shred of proof that his faith had anything to do with his firing.” Oy vey.

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Carmen Van Kerckhove said...

Perhaps Star, Imus, Richards and Dog the Bountyhunter will team up for a special variety show to raise money for the UNCF. ;)