Friday, June 05, 2015

12699: White Man On White Women.

DNA Seattle Co-Founder and CEO Alan Brown is the latest White man to jump on the White women’s bandwagon after a 3% Conference experience, publishing a patronizing fluff piece titled, “What Can I Tell My Daughter About the Role of Women in Advertising?” Well, Brown could tell his daughter that she’ll have no problem landing a job in the field by tapping the White privilege and nepotism that Daddy will perpetuate. Brown also encouraged his child to have integrity, to be good, kind to other people and honest. It would be challenging for Brown to demonstrate such characteristics if posed with the question, “What Can I Tell My Daughter About the Role of Minorities in Advertising?” A peek at the DNA Seattle roster displays a less-than-3% representation of Blacks and Browns—even if counting Alan Brown. Oh, and White women are well represented at the place.


Anonymous said...

How the hell did white women get thrust front and center of diversity issue in advertising.? There are plenty of white women at every advertising agency. At some agencies white women outnumber white men! What exactly does the 3% account for? This is another diversion tactic. His agency is 50/50 white men/white women. These guys are filled with a fake sense of self pity, and heroism. Weirdos.

Anonymous said...

See, diversity in advertising is like jumping on a lifeboat on a sinking ship. The white men are already onboard, nice and cozy. Then they make a little room for the white women, who have pushed themselves through to the front of the line.

Then they hear the cries of the rest of the passengers and make a little more room for white European men, and white European women.

There are one or two spaces left over, and they give those spots to some brown foreigners (or better, white descendants of white Europeans who grew up in brown lands), but only if they attended elite schools or social clubs together.

They lower themselves into the water, safe and sound, and the Third Class actual minorities are left to wail and fling themselves into the water, hoping (stupidly) that there will ever be space for them on a vessel that already sailed.

THAT’S diversity in advertising.

ErDat said...

It was never 3% female creative directors. The 3% Conference used some college student’s decade-old thesis, based off of who entered and won advertising contests. It was more like 18-20% female Creative Directors industrywide (mostly white, of course, but they’ll never count that). Then when they actually got the real numbers this year, based on actual stats, the 3% Conference proclaimed, “Look at all the change we created!”

But hey, that 3% thing gave them a nice talking point to cling to as they pushed all the minorities aside. No biggie. It’s not like it had a massive downside or shut down all talk about the injustices of ethnic diversity in advertising.

Maybe 2016 will be the year minorities start getting hired and we hit 1%.

Vacaytime said...

Everything's going to be OK. Kat Gordon and the 3% Conference are nominated for an 2015 Adcolor award, y'all! That's a totally legitimate operation, and it's not skeezy as hell that they've also nominated the University of Phoenix and that #WhiteSavior Pedigree campaign too.

Anonymous said...
ZING!!! I count at least 30+ white women grabbing big titles of CD + ECD so far this year, 3% conference is total B.S. when you are the majority!