Monday, June 22, 2015

12723: Cannes Diversity Smokescreen.

A MultiCultClassics visitor pointed to the Cannes Diversity initiatives that underscore the death of ethnic and racial diversity in the advertising industry. That is, the conversation has shifted from the problem of White exclusivity to the promotion of White women—and calling it a “conversation” isn’t accurate, as Cannes has never openly and honestly discussed the topic. It’s sad that the industry’s premier celebration of creativity has failed so miserably to generate original and viable concepts to solve the true dilemma. Although one could argue that delegating, diverting and dodging the issue with a White gender smokescreen is a breakthrough campaign. Look for Cannes participants to award themselves a Glass Lion for the pathetic achievement.

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Anonymous said...

At this point in the game the only thing that will change these agencies hiring practices is a federal lawsuit. These so called diversity initiatives and officers have been failing since day 1. If black and hispanic #s are going down in the advertising industry then I guess the next best thing is to help White women complaining about Gender! They are basically battling it out with white men on who will have the majority at agencies. White women have never been minorities in the advertising industry! That glass lion is completely useless & meaningless.