Thursday, June 25, 2015

12731: Omnicom Is Homophobic…?

AgencySpy reported on a $20 million sexual harassment suit against DDB New York and Omnicom—and no, it doesn’t involve discrimination against White women. Rather, a male creative director is charging he faced homophobic harassment from the DDB NY Chief Digital Officer. It’s bad enough that Omnicom boasts having a Chief Diversity Officer, is led by Pioneer of Diversity John Wren and essentially bankrolls ADCOLOR®. And it’s even worse that Omnicom shareholders voted against annually disclosing EEO-1 data. But it’s outrageously pathetic how the scenario shows former Advertising Age columnist Bob Garfield was probably right to address a 2008 open letter to Wren, demanding an end to homophobic advertising produced by Omnicom shops.

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Anonymous said...

The comments from "Adam "Grown Up" Sandler" on that link are so representative of the gatekeepers at the ad agencies in America, I'm glad he posted. It's good to be reminded of what we're up against every day.