Wednesday, June 24, 2015

12727: The Color Of Cannes.

Advertising Age presented “Slideshow: On the Ground at Cannes”—and ultimately showed the exclusive soiree’s exclusivity. Besides a couple shots of Pharrell Williams and one Black guy, the 42 photos displayed White men and White women, despite the alleged gender inequality that Cannes has courageously committed to combat. Damn, even the DJ is White.


lastONEstanding said...

Amazing how there's no shortage of women in any of these photos. Yet all of the discussions about diversity at Cannes, and in the industry overall this year, are about women lacking for opportunities in advertising.

The only women I see benefiting from this sudden "diversity awakening" are white women. They're the ones in AdAge being announced as CDs over and over again, they're the ones being celebrated by the 3% Conference again and again, and everyone applauds the enormous strides in diversity supposedly being made.

Meanwhile you can see the stream of photos coming out of Cannes for yourself, there's something seriously wrong with the color of advertising.

Anonymous said...

Ad Club's diversity study is out. They're just not releasing it wide.