Tuesday, June 30, 2015

12739: Lame Lionesses.

Adweek presented another pathetic example of White women whining about adland’s alleged dearth of dames, delivered by mcgarrybowen Creatives Holly Fallows and Charlotte Watmough. More interesting than the Caucasian chicks’ contrived and clichéd complaining were the initial comments that the piece inspired.

Benny Jenson wrote, “You only got a bronze. Funny how that isn’t mentioned at any point in this article. Some would say it was embarrassing to be bleating like this about such a minor achievement. … And by the way, everything good about ‘your’ work, is down to the people who actually produced it. The creative idea is nothing special at all. Droste effect. Yawn. Seen it before 100 times. It’s very well made though, but that’s nothing to do with you. The lion belongs to the people who worked hard to turn your bland idea into something palatable.”

Travis Sandford declared, “Charlotte Watmough is a disgusting fat mess. Overweight pig.”

efwrng added, “‘Don’t get us wrong. We love that in our industry the ‘idea’ wins, no matter who it comes from’ — That’s BS and you know it.

Statements like that are the reason this industry has been able to maintain its shameful diversity numbers for decades.

Here’s a challenge — take a picture of black creatives that won Cannes lions this year. Or even simpler, take a picture of the ‘diversity’ of your creative department and post it to twitter or instagram.

The number of black creatives in the US, Europe, etc. can probably be counted on one hand. So use the hashtag #ononehand”

Hey, you know you’ve arrived when White women receive insults as harsh as those directed towards White men.

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