Friday, January 24, 2020

14890: The Martin Agency Continues To Deny Its Past—And Its Present.

AgencySpy posted on a former copywriter with The Martin Agency who was canned during a GEICO commercial shoot about three years ago—a sad tale he recently told via Twitter. Hey, the guy got booted from GEICO in 15 minutes or less.

When AgencySpy pressed The Martin Agency for a comment, CCO Karen Costello responded by saying, “I was not at Martin then. Reading [the copywriter’s] story, our heart goes out to him. We are not the leaders of three years ago—and we are not that agency.” Okay, but you still look like that agency—the only difference being there are now more White women than White men in charge.

If ex-CCO Joe Alexander thinks his dismissal is worth $75 million, surely The Martin Agency of today can float the dumped copywriter at least $75.

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