Thursday, August 18, 2005

Essay 115

Bills, bills, bills. A customer in Illinois complained about her Comcast service to company representatives. She then received a bill addressed to “Bitch Dog” from the provider. After plenty of media attention, Comcast officials are on full-tilt damage control, firing the offending employees and falling over themselves with apologies. Another Illinois resident received bills from Peoples Energy addressed to “Scrotum Bag.” Wonder what services the utility was charging for in this case. Meanwhile, two diners in New Jersey received their restaurant bill and noticed the waitress had written a note at the bottom of the check: Jew Couple. Now that’s not kosher. And better keep a copy of your bill at Chuck E. Cheese’s. A customer in Colorado was accused of stealing a salad for which he had actually paid, and during an ensuing argument, police zapped him with a Taser. It’s where a kid can be a kid — plus watch dad get lit up like a pinball machine.

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