Saturday, August 20, 2005

Essay 118

Saturday Night Jive with MultiCultClassics Minutes…

• Weekend Update with Rev. James Meeks and the Chicago Police Department: Chicago Police Supt. Phil Cline reported that Meeks’ version of the incident appears to be more accurate than a later statement made by an unnamed police source detailing the allegedly abusive cop’s story. Specifically, Meeks’ bodyguards arrived well after the cop had drawn his pistol and cursed at Meeks. The cop claimed he pulled his gun because he was intimidated when physically confronted by Meeks and his bodyguards. “The information provided by the unnamed high-ranking police source is not accurate,” Cline stated. “The car did not come up while the officer was making the stop. It came up later on. (The bodyguards) weren’t there during the initial stop.”

• The Philadelphia woman whose month-long disappearance sparked debate over media bias has been found murdered. Police recovered the remains of 24-year-old LaToyia Figueroa, and an ex-lover has been charged with her murder. Figueroa’s story became another example for the argument that certain groups — especially Hispanics and Blacks — do not receive the same media attention when individuals go missing. Even nutcases like runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks get national coverage, while countless minorities are virtually ignored.

• “Respect, sensitivity and courtesy must be the product of our ongoing efforts, not a code of politically correct terminology,” stated New York Governor George Pataki. He was commenting on a bill that sought to require using politically correct terms in new laws, regulations and assorted legal stuff when referring to folks with disabilities. Pataki vetoed the bill, citing the standards presented were too “vague and subjective.”

• Arizona joined New Mexico to officially increase efforts to deal with illegal immigration, beefing up border patrols and more. Arizona set a new death rate record for illegal immigrants — in the past year, 201 men, women and children have perished in the Arizona elements while attempting to cross the border. Since October 2004, over 500,000 folks have been caught trying to sneak into the state. Officials can’t even begin to guess how many have actually succeeded.

• DC Comics are clearly not AC/DC. A Manhattan art gallery is facing potential legal trouble for exhibiting work depicting homoerotic images of Batman and Robin. The watercolor paintings were created by artist Mark Chamberlain, and pieces have already sold via the Internet at DC Comics is seeking to halt all sales from the art gallery and Internet site. Guess they’re not ready to let the Dynamic Duo out of the Batcloset.

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