Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Essay 122

Religious references and real estate with MultiCultClassics Minutes…

• Religious fanatic Pat Robertson recommended assassinating Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Onward, Christian Coalition soldiers.

• Actual entry from thesaurus.com: Arab n. 1. beggar 2. homeless person 3. welfare bum (Gee, looks like Pat Robertson is writing too.)

• The NCAA decided to permit Florida State to use its Seminoles nickname in postseason play, citing the positive relationship between the school and Native Americans. Or maybe it was because the university suggested changing to the Florida State Arabs.

• A Belgian nun was reprimanded by her mother superior for wildly dancing during a Catholic World Youth Day celebration. However, ABC may be interested in signing her up for next season’s Dancing With The Stars.

• A rare book dealer is selling her 1830 copy of the Book of Mormon one page at a time — for up to $4500 per page. The really annoying part is she’s doing it door to door.

• Re/Max realtors are accused of ethnic selection, steering Whites to White neighborhoods and minorities to minority neighborhoods — plus, bad-mouthing minority areas to White clients. Re/Max appears to be Ra/Cist.

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