Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Essay 4615

As an encore to Essay 4612, here are a few more advertising agency diversity recruitment ads…


Anonymous said...

The fact that you use the term "Midget" is rascist unto itself.

To people with Dwarfism it's equal to the "N" word

Please consider this when you attempt to call out an ad agency's lack of minority hiring.

I say this as a person who is also a Dwarf.

HighJive said...

Sorry. The parody ads are intended as protests incorporating dark humor. Didn’t intend to offend—at least not in the way you took it. The ad has been removed from the collection. Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

How could the term "midget" be rascist? It's not a race at all. Or is it?

Traderscout said...

LOL! Dark and delicious.

While the word Midget can sometimes be offensively employed in general usage it specifically refers to a person of unusual small size who is physically well-proportioned, no? Unless your course if your a car enthusiast and you are talking about a front-engine, single-seat, open-wheel racing car.

Dwarfism is an expression I've never heard employed in conversation, but to err on the side of caution is commendable.;)

Anonymous said...

Put the little person ad back! I am also a little person and want to see it. Freedom of expression, I say!

Anonymous said...

Midget is a term applied to people with Dwarfism-proportionate or not.

Midget in any dictionary describes the term as offensive.

Words and terms change over time.

A Chick is a baby Chicken right? Not a Female you find attractive.

Asian Americans asked for an end to using the term "Oriental".

If the original ad used the term Dwarf fine.
As a final point all the folks being used were not posed those were real people with Dwarfism in derogatory roles. Probably because society still thinks it is cool to make fun of certain minority groups without and reprecussions.

Also of note everyone of the folks pictured had a form of common Dwarfism.

The Term Midget was injected for humour.

You wouldn't have injected The N" word in your other "Parodies"

Anonymous said...

Offensive An extremely small person who is otherwise normally proportioned.
A small or miniature version of something.
A class of small objects, as a class of very small sailboats or racing cars.

Anonymous said...

What is the actual purpose of these "fake" ads and why are they funny? "If you're blind you probably won't see this" doesn't exactly scream "go work at this diverse organization."

Unknown said...

"midget"--i've known more than my share of midgets in my life, most of whom are indifferent to the word. the correlation between midget and N-word is not racist. and to say otherwise is condescending liberal BS.

midget was a medical classification for people of a certain height; it didn't become a slur until much later. The "n"word is was created specifically as a slur against blacks.

maybe it's personal experience, but the only midgets i've known who compare "midget" to "n***er" are non-black.

while i don't believe in insulting people for no reason at all, i refuse to bend to such a BS reason, particularly when it's based on a falsehood.