Monday, May 25, 2015

12681: Adland Good For White People.

Campaign published perspectives from Adam & Eve/DDB CEO James Murphy (the latest White person to become UK Advertising Association Chairman) and Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO Group Chairman and Group CEO Cilla Snowball (the White person/predecessor who served as UK Advertising Association Chairman). Murphy is determined to prove that adland is good for the economy, society and people. Murphy stressed, “…the AA is pushing us all to ask the difficult questions.” Plus, he gushed about AA predictions that over 70,000 new advertising jobs will be created in the next four years. Of course, Murphy is not about to ask the difficult question, “How many of the 70,000 new jobs will go to minorities?” In fact, diversity doesn’t even appear in his roughly 750-word rave. Meanwhile, Snowball mentioned diversity; yet based on her committed efforts to date, she’s really talking about increased opportunities for White women. Yes, adland is good for the economy. Proving that adland is good for society and people, however, will require concocting a campaign based on lies and deceptions—a perfect project for White advertising executives to handle.

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