Monday, February 08, 2016

13055: BHM 2016—Wells Fargo.

How to diversify a workforce: Offer a credit-bearing training course for minority students at a historically Black college—as opposed to, say, hiring qualified minorities right now.

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Anonymous said...

How to Create a Go-Nowhere Diversity Plan:

1) Identify problem.

2) Instead of helping changemakers of color already inside the industry...

3) ...focus energy on the youngest group not already in the market.

4) Pick the smallest, least prepared, most out-of-the way institution or group.

5) Make a loud public announcement about a new plan or scheme you'll launch there.

6) When all 2 people sign up, grumble behind the scenes about how "no one of color really wants into the industry all that much, see?"

7) Still, make sure to put the press and publicity mentions about your program (but not the outcome) in the annual report as proof of your commitment to diversity.

8) Carry on same as ever before, not doing much of anything that can actually make change.

9) If you have any questions about how well this do-nothing program works, ask any diversity officer at any ad agency nationwide, as they've been doing it for years.