Thursday, February 11, 2016

13065: Carat’s Caucasian Collection.

Adweek handed the title of “U.S. Media Agency of the Year” to Carat. And the accompanying photo shows the agency’s leadership perfectly reflects the U.S.—at least in regards to U.S. media and advertising agencies. According to Adweek, thanks to Carat’s recent account wins, “the shop is currently looking to fill about 100 positions, boosting its domestic payroll roughly 10 percent.” How many of those new jobs will go to minorities? Based on the looks of Carat’s global leadership, minority candidates can expect to receive a 24-karat/carat golden shower.

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Anonymous said...

The way US agencies fill 100 positions is the same nationwide. The American people of color will get a few non-creative "back of the house" account positions dealing with numbers and data.

The "front of house" creative positions will be filled almost entirely by white friends of friends, although one or two exotic foreigners will slip through, and then be held up as example of the agency's trademarked "Commitment to Diversity."

Also, there will be dogs. Lots and lots of dogs, and then more dog pictures on the agency's social media feed and "About" page than black creatives.