Thursday, November 30, 2017

13912: Foote, Cannes & Belding…?

AgencySpy posted the following memo from FCB Worldwide CEO Carter Murray:

Earlier this week, the organization that owns Cannes Lions announced extensive changes in an effort to refocus the Festival on its creative roots. Over the last few months, CCOs across IPG — including our own Susan Credle — have worked hard to share with Cannes leadership our pain points and suggestions for Festival improvement. While the changes announced Monday don’t address all our concerns, it signals a strong step in the right direction.

FCB has always believed in this Festival and strongly feels that our presence this year should reflect our commitment to creativity. As such, we are mandating that 75% of our 2018 attendees will be talent who are directly responsible for our creative output (writers, art directors, designers, producers, etc.).

As Susan and I have said before, creativity is the heart of our industry. Each year, Cannes Lions reminds the world of this. We are proud to be long-standing partners with the Festival in this important mission, and we look forward to making 2018 our best Cannes yet.

Best as always,


Wow. There’s so much to consider after reading that memorandumb.

First, it seems like only yesterday that the White advertising agency showed its belief in Cannes Lions—in perhaps the most notoriously awful way imaginable.

Second, how does the 75% figure measure against percentages from past years? More importantly, what does 75% equal in actual numbers and expenditures? It would be interesting to compare FCB’s Cannes Lions budget to the agency’s diversity budget. It’s a safe bet that the comparison would be crepes to crumbs.

Third, directly related to the previous point, what percentage of the 75% will be creative people of color? From the United States of America?

Fourth, when Murray identifies the “talent who are directly responsible for our creative output,” who is represented by “etc.” in the parentheses? Is he openly admitting the uselessness of account people, planners, media, etc. in the creative process?

Finally, how convenient that the remaining 25% provides ample room for idiots like Murray to attend the exclusive gala.

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