Wednesday, November 15, 2017

13892: Remaking Exclusivity.

Adweek published a report titled, “Agencies Are Remaking Themselves to Satisfy Client Demands”—detailing how “up-and-coming shops” are creating fresh business models. The story makes no mention of diversity, despite the alleged client demands for inclusion at White advertising agencies. Plus, the accompanying illustration (depicted above) features no clear diversity. Brilliant.


Anonymous said...

In other news The One Club's primary heat shield has departed. She will now be deflecting cries of discrimination for 72 and Sunny

wednesyay said...

It would make sense for multicultural teams to form together into an agency, brands definitely are asking for that expertise right now, except that the minute a holding company gets a sniff that there's money to be made off of black and brown people, they'll

a) put together their own agency and underbid them.


b) gobble up all the multicultural crumbs for themselves by having their white ad agency throw in multicultural advertising as an afterthought for free, rather than lose any of the account to an independent shop.

It's not a level playing field, only white agencies can "remake themselves to satisfy client demands" without being targeted to be put out of business by holding companies.