Thursday, December 29, 2016

13482: CMOs Want Whiteness…?

At Advertising Age’s Small Agency Diary, PJA Advertising & Marketing Executive VP-Planning Hugh Kennedy presented “Five Things CMOs Want in 2017.” Not on the list: Diversity—despite the faux concern from brands including PepsiCo, General Mills, HP and Visa. This is good news for PJA Advertising & Marketing, especially given the racial and ethnic makeup of its predominately White executive leadership.

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Anonymous said...

CMOs don't need to care about diversity in 2017, because it's a case closed success in their eyes.

Between the 3% Conference, #FreeTheBid and the rise of every agency promoting and hiring female creatives, they have the glossy sheen of the appearance of gender diversity without any of the messy realities of ethnic diversity.

You won't see any discussion of it or advancement in the numbers in the year to come. Just more vague "diversity of thought" editorials and the occasional call to hire more older white people in advertising because of age discrimination.