Saturday, December 03, 2016

13453: Chasing Jungle Fever.

Chase must be chasing after an ADCOLOR® Award or an I&C trophy. It will be a close competition with Northwestern Mutual.


Kasting said...

Behind the scenes, you have white people from the US, white people from the UK, white people from Australia, white people from Brazil, a white director from the UK, white producers from the US, and even some people of color from the UK!

If you count the foreigners of color on work visas as diverse, this is a shoo in for an ADCOLOR AWARD. They love this kind of work. Sometime in the next two decades or so I’m sure they’ll award something that included American minorities, but we shouldn’t expect them to rush things. Probably they’ll award a Black History Month magazine advertisement made for pennies by a black agency while continuing to bend over backwards to pat high paid all white/foreign teams for great diversity strides.

Client: Chase Consumer Bank.
Title: Partners For Life Protect Their Future. 
Agency: Droga5, New York. 
Creative Directors: David Droga,Ted Royer, Don Shelford, Jonathan McMahon, Lisa Fedyszyn. 
Art Directors: Eoin McLaughlin, Beth O'Brien, Camilo De Galofre. 
Copywriters: Oriel DavisLyons, Thom Glover, Mo Said. 
Production Company: Reset. 
Director: Johnny Green.

8counts said...

On the one hand, it's good that we're finally going to see more talent of color in the media.

On the other hand, it seems to always be the same kind of talent (light skinned, "good" hair, mixed).

And it's going to mask the bigger issue, which is that very few POC making creative decisions. So we're going to have to go through several more years of seeing POC on screen before anyone starts to address why the only ones allowed in those roles in America are foreign POC, or white men and women.

Anonymous said...

It started. Ad industry is crowing about how progressive and diverse this campaign is.

Again, as long as no one peeks behind the curtain at who gets to work on campaigns like these (anybody black in America? Not really.), it's prepping for its ADCOLOR Award for maximum diversity.