Monday, November 21, 2016

13438: I&C Is B&S.

Oh, look! Campaign is seeking to revolutionize the predominately White advertising industry by introducing I&C, a discussion forum and awards show charged with “celebrating an inclusive and creative ad culture.” Yep, there’s no better way to ignite change than launching another navel-gazing gathering with segregated trophies. The email invitation for nominations is downright nasty with its references to “outdated concepts like ‘multicultural marketing’ and ‘ethnic outreach’” that apparently stymie progress in the advertising industry. Um, multicultural marketing and ethnic outreach haven’t led to a more inclusive advertising industry; however, the two are hardly the root cause of the global problem. While multicultural marketers and ethnic outreachers must own up to their contributions to the issue, they are also adversely affected by the disrespect, discrimination, crumbs and total market shenanigans from clients and White advertising agencies. Sadly, the root cause of the global problem will either not participate in I&C at all or wind up receiving a shiny object at the clichéd and contrived extravaganza.

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Anonymous said...

Good news! 2017 won’t just be the era of White Women Diversity, it’s going to broaden and diversify to focus on RURAL White Women Diversity.

“A diversity hire “can be a farm girl from Indiana as much as a Cuban immigrant who lives in Pensacola,” said John Boiler, chief executive of the agency 72andSunny, whose clients include General Mills Inc. and Coors Light. The agency plans to expand its university recruitment programs to include rural areas.”