Sunday, November 13, 2016

13429: Weekend At Warren’s.

A MultiCultClassics visitor spotted a piece from The New York Times revealing “How Tiffany Warren, an Executive at Omnicom Group, Spends Her Sunday.” Heaven forbid the newspaper might wonder how Warren spends her Mondays through Fridays. The story opened by stating, “As senior vice president and chief diversity officer of Omnicom Group, one of the biggest marketing, communications and advertising companies in the world, Tiffany R. Warren is the head of a team focused on advancing the careers of women, minorities and L.G.B.T. employees.” Yep, promoting White women is on top of the to-do list, followed by minorities and LGBT.

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NYSitty said...

I'm hoping this was a last-ditch PR effort by this useless lump of a position to get some press and save her job when she knows she's about to be let go a la Felicia Geiger at Deutsch.

I mean it.

If any one person has caused more stalling and heatshield-ing at the ad agency holding company level, that trickles down to nothing having been done at a single damn ad agency (except benefiting white women), it's this one.

Speak up about racism in an agency? No worries, Omnicom trots her out as proof that they're not racist.

Speak up about industry-wide racism? No worries, Omnicom trots her out again as proof that "the industry cares."

Someone brings a lawsuit re: discrimination? No worries, Omnicom trots her out in court as proof of how much they care about diversity.

Someone attack a specific brand for racism? No worries, Omnicom has your back. They fund Adcolor, and Adcolor will then award your brand an Adcolor Award (how convenient) as proof of how diverse your brand is.

Shareholders worried about racism? No worries, Omnicom makes sure to mention her and Adcolor as proof of how diverse they are, problem deflected.

NYC Human Rights Commission has a problem with your agencies? No worries, Omnicom holds her up to block the heat.

So on and so forth, nothing accomplished or changed for years, except now we have fewer black men than ever working in creative departments. But keep on fiddling and eating brunch while Rome burns, I guess.