Monday, June 24, 2019

14670: Introducing A New Form Of Scam Ads—The Divertisement.

The annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has unintentionally unveiled a sinister trend in adland worth examining. Specifically, advertisers and White advertising agencies produce—and win awards for having produced—advertisements presenting progressive, diverse and inclusive perspectives, despite practicing institutionalized cultural cluelessness that stymies progress, diversity and inclusion in their own hallways. The disturbing phenomenon demonstrates hypocrisy of the highest order. Yet the industry rewards offenders with trophies, certifications and honorary titles.

Perhaps it’s time to recognize such creative corruption—representing a twist on divertsity—as being similar to scam ads.

For now, MultiCultClassics introduces a new term: The Divertisement.

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Anonymous said...

I like looking at the credits at the "diversity" ads that win awards.

It's especially telling when the Pride in Black Achievement ads have 85 Beckys listed in the credits and one single black copywriter.

Or the Power of Latinx Culture campaigns are (same thing) all kinds of mariachi, reggaeton, Xicanx muralists on camera and a solo Spanish language translator way down at the end of the credits after a list of Todds, Chads and Beckys.