Thursday, February 10, 2011

8490: C’MON WHITE MAN! Episode 5.

(MultiCultClassics credits ESPN’s C’MON MAN! for sparking this new, semi-regular blog series.)

Draftfcb is hyping the invention of its Heat Tracker iPhone and iPod Touch app. For starters, the idea is apparently not even original. Leave it to lecherous admen to hatch a copycat creation designed to help them meet chicks—as if any digital gizmo could aid the two cretins depicted in the agency sales video. Hey, dudes, real men don’t need an app to score. It all seems like the brainchild of porn-addicted stalkers. And hearing the self-promoting asswipe behind Heat Tracker blather on about the search for “cool” is nothing short of pathetic. “There is a great deal of check-in data available in the social space, but we don’t believe any other location-based applications can visually show where you should go based on the number and gender of people who are already there,” gushed Draftfcb EVP/GCD Kevin Drew Davis. “Whether straight or gay, why waste your time going where the action isn’t?” Um, think Don Draper would ever want a Heat Tracker?


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