Monday, February 28, 2011

8569: The (Mostly White) Faces Behind P&G.

The Digital Issue of Advertising Age named Procter & Gamble to the Digital A-List; plus, the trade publication displayed the photo above depicting potential future CEOs at the mega-advertiser. The image presents a snapshot on why clients are hesitant to criticize advertising agencies for lacking diversity. That is, the advertisers appear to suffer from the same damn problem.

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Hira Animfefte said...

They must have thought that including women of different body types and hair colors counted as "diversity." There appears to be a viewpoint among a certain set that only thin, tall, blonde women can rise to the top of companies (but only as exceptions to the the usual rule that the CEO must be male, body type unimportant). These people are both morons and apparently also in charge of the status quo.

May it become the status quo ante as soon as possible. It is absurd that people are still being judged on such superficialities as skin color, body type, and national origin. It's 2011, for crying out loud! I'm preaching to the choir here.

Thanks for your blog. It is excellent. Well done.