Wednesday, July 11, 2012

10303: Rebranding Diversity Via PowerPoint.

Spend 15 minutes viewing Rebranding Diversity: Colorblind Racism in the U.S. Advertising Industry by Christopher Boulton. There’s really nothing new in the video PowerPoint presentation, but it’s always nice when the blatantly obvious is summarized and clearly articulated.


Anonymous said...

Turn a blind eye and look the other way, for 60+ years and counting. Its not just 1 person its the entire culture of advertising. This makes penn state look soft.
Your right GM agency = white.

Anonymous said...

Diversity=Diminishing Black, Elevating Hisopanic & Asian. We are the kaffirs of America. Everybody else is white or playing white. Articulating the obscene, obfuscating the obvious. Words mean nothing, only results count. So its Diversity Officers 1, black interns .25, nigga ad professionals/execs .0000001. Don't fret my children...Cotton is coming to Mad Ave to drive the Mad Men Mad. LOL Sanford Moore