Friday, October 05, 2012

10590: Whites And Oreos.

Adweek reported Wieden + Kennedy will compete against Draftfcb to create a Super Bowl spot for Oreos—playing off a client-directed “cookies versus cream” concept. A creative shootout between W+K and Draftfcb is like a beauty contest between Don Draper and Larry Tate. Although given the dearth of diversity at both agencies, the showdown should be renamed “cream versus cream”—or “crackers versus…” oh, never mind.

Draftfcb, Wieden Compete for Oreo Super Bowl Spot

Creatives try not to lose their cookies

By Noreen O’Leary

Oreo is reaching beyond its creative lead agency, Draftfcb, in search of a Super Bowl commercial. The Interpublic shop is going up against Wieden + Kennedy to develop ideas around a client-requested “cookies versus cream” concept.

From January through June, Kraft spent $21.9 million in measured media marketing on the Oreo brand, according to Nielsen. As recently as 2008, the company invested $64.1 million in marketing Oreo, but in subsequent years it has decreased measured media support. In 2011, Kraft spent $38.7 million on Oreo. Those amounts do not include Internet spending.

A representative at Draftfcb, Oreo’s creative lead agency, referred calls to Oreo parent Mondelez, the former snacks division of Kraft. A W+K rep could not be reached.

The Super Bowl spot will cap Oreo’s 100th birthday marketing initiative that launched in March. The successful marketing promotion, which used just about every possible media and marketing channel, generated 27 million Facebook “likes,” boosting sales of the cookie by 9 percent.

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Lucas said...

For the sake of art, it's like a boxing match...