Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10677: Welcome, Minorities.

Advertising Age published a column by Villanova assistant professor of marketing and business law Aronté Bennett titled, “Minorities Differ Much From Each Other, But Not When Reacting to Ads.”

Bennett conducted research that revealed insights like, “Contrary to popular belief, it’s not their racial or ethnic identity that determines minorities’ response to a brand, but rather, how welcoming they feel the brand is toward them. … The dominating factor that unites minorities in the marketplace is their treatment as outsiders who are not invited into the advertising process. This alienation stems from the way minorities are depicted in ads, as well as from the fact that the advertising world often overlooks them altogether.”

Not sure there’s anything new to Bennett’s findings. Multicultural marketing practitioners have been stating this stuff from the beginning.

It might be interesting, however, to apply the notions to advertising agencies. That is, agencies with inclusive tendencies—acting more welcoming to minorities—might create campaigns appealing to wide audiences. And agencies that are exclusive and unfriendly to minorities will create campaigns appealing to White audiences.

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