Tuesday, October 09, 2012

10601: Overreaction Of The Week.

The Chicago Tribune reported Verizon will soon sell Black and Brown Samsung Galaxy S III smartphones. Were Blacks and Browns not smart enough to be smartphones before now?

Verizon to sell black, brown versions of Samsung Galaxy S III

By Salvador Rodriguez

Verizon will offer the Samsung Galaxy S III in four different colors as the carrier looks for ways to give consumers another reason to keep buying the smartphone.

The New Jersey carrier this week announced on its website that it will begin selling sapphire black and amber brown versions of the Galaxy S III. It did not specify when they would be available. The carrier currently sells the phone in marble white and pebble blue.

The Galaxy S III was the highest selling phone in the U.S. in August, outselling the iPhone 4S, but the recently released iPhone 5 could retake that title from Samsung.

Samsung has been attacking the iPhone 5 with marketing campaigns highlighting the Galaxy S III’s features, including its large 4.8-inch screen. Recently, Nokia also began attacking the Apple phone by pointing out iPhones’ lack of color options.

The addition of black and brown versions of the Galaxy S III may help Verizon against the other top U.S. networks, which also sell the popular Android device.

AT&T sells the phone in blue, white and garnet red versions while T-Mobile and Sprint sell the phone only in blue and white.

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