Monday, November 11, 2013

11569: Vote For A Veteran Adman Now.

This Veterans Day, let’s salute veteran adman Harry Webber.

No, Webber hasn’t represented his country through military service—and he’d never imitate Tom Cruise by comparing his career actions to those of a soldier in Afghanistan. Rather, the following tribute merely seeks to recognize his tour of duty in the advertising field. Plus, offer a unique way for all of us to honor his victories.

Webber’s creative breakthroughs are nothing short of historic. “A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste” has raised over $1 billion for the UNCF. “I Am Stuck On Band-Aid Brand” remains the longest-running campaign ever. In a business dominated by White men, Webber’s achievements routinely rival and exceed the best efforts of the majority.

Webber spoke out on the dearth of diversity when others remained silent, earning an expulsion from the industry.

Webber presented the 4As with a strategic plan to launch the first minority training program on Madison Avenue, effectively recruiting countless people of color into the ranks.

Webber literally wrote the book on market segmentation, orchestrated a truce between rival gangs in Los Angeles and masterminded the Obama Super Pac.

While most professionals boasting such an impressive résumé would enjoy praise and reverence, Webber has not received his just due. It’s time to change that.

For the past five years, Webber’s company—Smart Communications—has been reinventing advertising. The culmination of the experiments is called NeoAdvertising (click to learn more). Webber is ready to unleash it on the world. To succeed, he needs your help.

The Chase Mission Main Street Grants Program will fund Webber’s initiative, provided he can show he has public support. To be considered, he must convince 250 people to vote for him. This is where you come in.

Go here now at the Chase Mission Main Street Grants site and cast your vote. It’s that easy. You must connect via your Facebook account. But don’t worry, your information will not be stored, shared or abused—it’s only to verify legitimate voters and prevent fraud. Hurry, voting ends November 15.

Harry Webber is a veteran adman who deserves your support. Take a moment to show it now.

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