Sunday, November 24, 2013

11592: Crapping On The Crazy Ones.

CBS series The Crazy Ones continues to crap out the cartoonish chronicles of fictional (bordering on science fictional) advertising agency Lewis Roberts + Roberts. The episodes have become so annoyingly awful that the program doesn’t warrant weekly reviews, prompting the following collection of random comments.

The show’s creators must realize they’ve got a major stinker on their hands, as evidenced by the reliance on celebrity guest appearances to boost audience interest. Kelly Clarkson, Josh Groban and Ed Asner have already willingly embarrassed themselves; plus, Brad Garrett of Everybody Loves Raymond fame recently joined the cast as partner and gay account executive Gordon Lewis. It’s only a matter of time before Betty White receives a cameo role. And the creators are probably debating which nostalgic actress to inevitably present as Simon’s ex-wife—Suzanne Somers? Linda Evans? Pam Dawber?

The Gordon Lewis character is a head-scratcher addition to the cast. Why is he so openly gay, always making references to his husband? It’s even odder that seven episodes passed before an account person was inserted into the mix. Before then, creatives solely ran all the client meetings, pitches and productions. Yeah, that’s pretty believable. On Bizarro World. Or maybe Ork.

While Lewis Roberts + Roberts maintains a predominately lily-white staff, the clients are colorful. In fact, the agency has so many Black clients, you’d think it was a multicultural firm. Why isn’t Gordon advocating for pitching LGBT accounts? Surely Robin Williams would have a field day with that angle.

One episode depicted Simon and copywriter Zach both sleeping with the same client. This scenario may actually be more accurate than the high number of Black clients peppering the place. However, it doesn’t reflect well on the real advertising industry, painting admen as predatory sex fiends. Such reckless behavior usually happens when someone is a bona fide drunk like Don Draper versus an alleged recovering alcoholic like Simon.

Andrew the art director is simply too ugly to couple with Sydney or the actress portraying his girlfriend in Episode 9. Hell, he ought to be matched with Gordon.

Last Thursday’s episode was the most obscene to date, with Simon and Gordon letting the results of a softball game—and later a mini-motorcycle race—decide which department should be forced to terminate an employee. Sadly, true agency downsizings have been executed in less professional ways.

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Gary Sartori said...

I like the idea of bringing Pam Dawber back to TV to play Sydney's mother. In fact Sarah Michelle Geller and Robin Williams suggested just that. Love to see a reunion between Williams and Dawber.