Thursday, November 07, 2013

11556: The Crazy Ones Is Shameful.

Didn’t catch the latest episode of CBS series The Crazy Ones, but viewing the online preview video showed enough to confirm the miss was no loss.

Although it took a few seasons, AMC series Mad Men at least attempts to accurately depict the industry. In contrast, The Crazy Ones is to advertising agencies what Hogan’s Heroes was to Nazi POW camps. Exaggerating reality is standard for TV sitcoms; however, The Crazy Ones has yet to deliver a situation or comedy worth watching.

The program claims to be based on the experiences of a real creative director from Leo Burnett. Delusional experiences would be a more precise term. Like TNT series Trust Me—which was also spawned by Leo Burnett employees—The Crazy Ones is an embarrassment to the field. Actually, it embarrasses two fields: advertising and network television. Guess it’s a good thing that neither field has ever shown a sense of self-respect.

The Crazy Ones is shameful. Its creators are shameless.

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Sue said...

The Crazy Ones should be a better show than what it is. I had such high hopes with the Pam Dawber episode and I was disappointed yet again. The focus was on Brad Garrett's character which is not a strength for that show. Garrett cannot act -- he is not funny. He is annoying. The comedy show set in an advertising agency should be really funny. Bewitched (with a backdrop of advertising and domestic life) was funnier and clever; talking about serious issues within the confines of a comedy sitcom. The Crazy Ones should be as good as a 1960's sitcom. I would like to see it renewed with the same cast minus Garrett and the writers.