Sunday, December 21, 2014

12330: Maurice’s Moronic Mutterings.

Campaign reported on an interview with Publicis Groupe CEO Maurice Lévy, where the old man described 2014 as an “annus horribilis.” Well, maybe Lévy should stop acting like a horrible anus. “Everything bad I take personally. It is affecting my behaviour. It is affecting my morale, but at the same time it is giving me a lot of strength,” whined Lévy. “The worst thing that can happen is the negative spiral. You have to avoid getting yourself into a negative spiral when something bad is happening.” Yeah, Lévy can always work his way out of a funk by overspending on another compulsive purchase of a digital agency. Regarding the “digital disruption” impacting the industry, Lévy said. “[It] is something that is transforming not only our business, the behaviour of our consumer, but the business of all our clients. So I am very much paranoid about the business of my clients and how this digital thing will transform them and I believe there is a lot to do in this area.” This digital thing? Sorry, but this is not the kind of clueless muttering one wants to hear from the guy opening his holding company’s wallet to buy every shitty digital firm available.

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