Friday, December 19, 2014

12323: C’MON WHITE MAN! Episode 40.

(MultiCultClassics credits ESPN’s C’MON MAN! for sparking this semi-regular blog series.)

AgencySpy published a post titled, “Translation Wins The NBA,” drawing comments that included displaying the whiny LinkedIn announcement from the sore losers at Goodby Silverstein & Partners depicted above. The White advertising agency apparently revised the announcement, retracting the whininess (depicted below).

The LinkedIn revision underscores at least two points:

1. Traditional ad agencies are digitally ignorant.

2. Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein are culturally clueless jackasses.

The first point was demonstrated in this case by GS&P posting a shitty message and thinking a quick change would make their ignorance disappear. Sorry, boys, but the World Wide Web has a way of exposing your true colors for eternity. Getting busted by AgencySpy regulars merely makes your stupidity even more embarrassing.

The second point has been demonstrated repeatedly by Messrs. Goodby and Silverstein over the years. Yet this latest instance is particularly pathetic.

What exactly was the intent behind originally stating that “Advertising is a weird business” in the LinkedIn announcement?

Was Goodby expressing deep-rooted annoyance that NBA CMO Pam El hadn’t heeded his self-centered sage advice on conducting account reviews? Heaven forbid Goodby might consider that his White Manifesto could have turned off El.

Was Goodby crying foul over Steve Stoute beating him at his own game by capitalizing on a relationship to help secure business? As MultiCultClassics previously noted, GS&P has consistently exploited relationships to snag accounts. When Chevrolet unceremoniously ejected the White advertising agency from Commonwealth, did Goodby post a snarky announcement targeting McCann? Doubt it.

Worse yet, does Goodby believe an inferior opponent beat him? Or there were some egregious flaws in the review process? If so, it clearly indicates how far Goodby has fallen—on professional, personal, spiritual and other levels.

At this point, Goodby should be quite accustomed to ass whuppings from seemingly lesser foes. GS&P was disconnected on Sprint by Team Sprint, quashed on Quaker Oats by Juniper Park, zapped on Propel Zero by Fathom Communications and chopped on Chevrolet by McCann. Being benched by the NBA in favor of Translation is just a continuation of the new normal for White advertising agencies such as GS&P. Better do something about it—or get used to it.

Most disturbing is the fact that Goodby has officially feigned concern for diversity—especially the dilemma of Black underrepresentation—in the industry. However, he appears oblivious to the profound progress exhibited by his latest defeat. Specifically, a Black-owned ad agency was not only allowed to compete against White shops for general market billings, but it actually won the business. Can Goodby see beyond his narcissism to realize his loss is a gain for adland?


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