Wednesday, December 24, 2014

12337: Pornhub’s Pathetic. Digiday Too.

Digiday published a fluffer piece titled, “Inside Pornhub’s content-marketing strategy” that presented further evidence proving Digiday and Pornhub are run by ignorant hacks.

Here’s one excerpt worth criticizing:

Pornhub initially saw Insights as a way to entertain its existing users. But as the response took off, it recognized the blog’s use as a marketing tool. It sought to use media outlets to widen the blog’s distribution—and mainstream news outlets have proved willing partners.

“Our first huge data dump was a 2012 year-in-review, and while it was merely experimental, we saw the media coverage explode,” Pornhub vp Corey Price said. “Turns out it wasn’t a fluke, as we saw that when we diversified the offerings using different angles, it kept happening. This told us that the media was super receptive and actually championed our efforts as something unique.”

Um, mainstream news outlets are driven by the same thing as all media—capturing the biggest audiences and responses possible. So it’s only natural that such sources would seek to inflate viewership with sweeps-weeks-friendly porn references. To think the media morons “actually championed [Pornhub’s] efforts as something unique” is a delusional and stupid belief.

Here’s another excerpt deserving of ridicule:

The popularity of porn notwithstanding, Pornhub’s content is still controversial, and pushing its content out there could risk a backlash from those who believe porn objectifies women and is bad for relationships.

Um, “those who believe porn objectifies women and is bad for relationships” would cover the intelligent, responsible and law-abiding public majority. The people who don’t believe porn objectifies women and is bad for relationships—that is, Pornhub’s core audience—are not attractive to advertisers. Or the rest of society, to be frank.

Give the Pornhub crew credit for their consistently desperate attempts to generate self-hype. But even in the case of Digiday, the pornographic brand is being exploited for selfish purposes—that is, Digiday is fishing for visitors to its own lame site.

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