Thursday, September 07, 2017

13818: Just The Facts, Muchacha.

Advertising Age presented the 2017 Hispanic Fact Pack, which makes the perfect Hispanic Heritage Month gift for your favorite Latino or Latina. It’s undoubtedly a piñata of pointers to help multicultural marketers maximize their crumbs—or inspire culturally clueless Caucasians to steal the crumbs. And that’s a fact.

Ad Age’s 2017 Hispanic Fact Pack Is Out Now

By Laurel Wentz

Hispanics account for almost half of annual U.S. population growth, largely through U.S. births rather than immigration (25.8% of kids aged 9 and under are Hispanic). Totaling 57.5 million people, Hispanics are 17.8% of the U.S. population and growing.

That’s some of the key information in Ad Age’s fourteenth-annual Hispanic Fact Pack, distributed with the Aug. 21 issue of the print magazine. It includes data about marketers, ad spending, demographic change and how Hispanics use digital media. Rankings in the 32-page 2017 guide include the top 50 Hispanic advertisers, the 50 largest U.S. Hispanic ad agencies and the 15 biggest Hispanic media agencies. And a creative roundup highlights the most-awarded campaigns of the year.

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Huracán said...

That "$9.6 billion in U.S. Hispanic ad spending" isn't going towards hiring many U.S. Latinxs.

The largest morsels are media buy, and that goes into the pockets of the white holding companies.

Smaller chunks go towards their white ad agencies that claim they are "total market multicultural experts" because they have Hispanic "partner agencies." Except those agencies aren't true partners, they show up for the new business pitch and then get shuffled aside and handed crumbs after the white General Market agency gets the contract.

There are a couple of independent Hispanic agencies left but their days are numbered. None of them can compete with the firepower of holding companies when it comes to pitching and winning new business.

Pretty soon all the U.S. Hispanic market is going to be reduced to is white holding companies having their white ad agencies translate their usual campaigns into Spanish, or throwing in a occasional soccer ball or grandmother (abuelita) to make things seem more "ethnic".