Tuesday, November 01, 2016

13415: Hypocrisy Represented.

MullenLowe in London is responsible for NHS Blood and Transplant’s “Represent” featuring Lady Leshurr, exposing that Blacks and Asians account for only 3% of blood donors. Um, that percentage figure far exceeds the Black and Asian representation in White advertising agencies like MullenLowe.


Anonymous said...

MullenLowe Lower at least did something no American agency ever thinks to do. They allowed a Black director to have creative control of a campaign speaking to minorities.

While stateside American agencies think minorities aren't aware that advertising agencies exist, much less are able to direct a film.

Director = Rohan Blair-Mangat

HighJive said...

Not too impressed by MullenLowe, Anonymous. The client could/should have given the project to a Black or minority-owned advertising agency.