Thursday, February 23, 2017

13566: By The Color Of Their Cola…

This campaign was hatched by loved in Germany, with an explanation that read:

They look different on the outside but are all the same on the inside. That’s true of people all over the world — and now of cola, too. Or at least ALI COLA, the first cola that comes in six different skin colors. In 2017, politics is lurching to the right — in Germany, Europe and the USA. So the German agency loved relaunched the pro-tolerance cola brand ALI COLA and invented their own cola. Instead of coming just in the usual black, ALI COLA is available in six different skin colors. But though they look different, all six colors taste exactly the same. They’re all the same; they just look different on the outside. Like people. ALI COLA responds to prejudice and with humor. [sic] The slogan: Cheers to tolerance. The brand also supports Kiron, an NGO that has found a way to cut red tape and help refugees earn university qualifications thanks to online courses and partner universities.

Um, German pro-tolerance is as oxymoronic as, well, Madison Avenue pro-tolerance. And it’s odd to deliver such a concept via a cola brand, especially given the history of intolerance connected to Coca-Cola.

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