Friday, June 22, 2018

14195: Cannes Cons VI.

Oh look! Adweek published a blurb featuring P&G Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard:

“In the United States, if you’re not doing multicultural marketing, you’re not doing marketing,” said P&G chief brand officer Marc Pritchard during a panel discussion at the Dutch Embassy of Creativity. Pritchard noted that he’d like marketers to find a way to measure racial equality in their ads, similar to the ANA’s SeeHer movement for gender equality.

Don’t mean to sound redundant, but it’s just amazing how guys like Pritchard will promote White women by demanding quotas, calling for the end of stereotypes and throwing total support behind every pro-White-women initiative out there. Yet people of color are afterthoughts—or not thought of at all. BTW, when P&G created multicultural marketing messages in the past year, the assignments were given to White advertising agencies. And it’s a safe bet BBDO and Wieden + Kennedy weren’t working with the crumbs typically tossed at minority shops. Pritchard declared, “In the United States, if you’re not doing multicultural marketing, you’re not doing marketing.” Additionally, in the United States, if you’re not discounting, disregarding and disrespecting minority advertising agencies, you’re not doing multicultural marketing.

P.S., Is the Dutch Embassy of Creativity run by Zwarte Piet?

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Anonymous said...

Hear that grumbling? It's all the minority creatives and copywriters that lost their jobs at multicultural agencies when P&G consolidated to save money, got contracted at P&G's white shops that magically developed "Total Market" capabilities overnight (hint: THEY LIED) and were tricked into thinking they'd get to participate in creating real P&G ads.

Instead, if you read Fishbowl or talk to anyone who works on those accounts, they get to adapt some crumbs now and then after the white teams do the real work, or poke their heads into client meetings so that P&G thinks they're getting a multicultural team (hint: THEY'RE NOT).

So no, P&G doesn't get to jump on the diversity bandwagon now that it's convenient for them, when they're the ones that decimated it in the first place.