Friday, December 10, 2021

15635: Diversity Stunt From Cox Is A Lot Of Song And Dance.


This Cox experiential video was explained as follows:


Rivals on and off the football field, Putnam City North and Putnam City West are eight miles apart, but they are worlds apart. For this year’s rivalry football game, Cox brought together their marching bands to surprise the community with a joint halftime show that could bridge the historic divide. The bands performed “Why Can’t We Be Friends” together, to prove that we can all go further when we march together.


Such a patronizing, er, philanthropic endeavor. Not surprisingly, the credits for the work reveal a White advertising agency, sprinkled with a couple of recruits from Brazil and Colombia. And Cox is hardly a bastion of diversity, equity and inclusion—although the company did commit $1M in June 2020 to support civil and human rights, along with nearly every other US corporate enterprise. Is the experiential Kumbaya part of the tax-deductible commitment?


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