Wednesday, December 29, 2021

15658: Antonio Lucio Talks The Talk…Blah, Blah, Blah.


The Business of Marketing podcast from Adweek and SAP spotlighted 5S Diversity Founder Antonio Lucio in an episode titled, “The Future of Leadership, DEI and Sustainability According to Former Facebook CMO.” Countering the headline, Lucio’s interview lacked a clear vision for moving forward.


For starters, Facebook experience does not necessarily translate to diversity expertise.


Lucio is seeking to impact “marketing transformation through the lens of DEI”—yet he didn’t define what that means or how he might achieve it. And much of his mumbo-jumbo mentioned “women and people of color”—literally and figuratively putting gender diversity ahead of racial and ethnic equality.


Even the first name of Lucio’s company—5S—is an acronym for five sisters, inspired by his five daughters. The preference to tackle gender diversity is not new for Lucio.


The droning discussion probed on mentorship, sponsorship and training, aimlessly regurgitating other non-new topics.


Herein lies the challenge for Lucio. Like it or not, he failed to ignite meaningful action when his CMO titles provided the influence and authority to dictate progress. Can he hope to affect reformation and revolution without the political clout?


Will Lucio become a bona fide change agent—or just a frequent guest on podcasts? Stay tuned.

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