Monday, August 08, 2011

9149: Translating Transvestites.

MultiCultClassics admittedly has zero expertise in transvestism—and anyone who does is encouraged to leave a comment. But this Always video from Leo Burnett in the U.K. doesn’t appear to have its facts straight. The spot depicts crying transvestites and wraps up by explaining, “There are some people who’d just love to have a period. Let alone a happy one.” In other words, the message seems to indicate that transvestites wish they were women. Is this true? Not all men who enjoy dressing up as women necessarily want to be and/or become women, right? If there are any transvestites in the house who can shed a little light on the topic, that would be fabulous.

Via Ads of the World

Update: Oops. Just saw another ad blog wondered about this video too—didn’t mean to copy copyranter.

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