Thursday, August 09, 2012

10402: Grilling Corn.

This one-year-old Kingsford Charcoal commercial features a lifetime of Latino clichés.

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Anonymous said...

Well, a stereotypical spot is what you get when you don't hire any actual Mexicans to work on your "Mexican" job aimed at a predominantly Mexican US audience.

That was filmed in Argentina by an entirely Argentine cast and crew.

Because Hispanic ad agencies in the United States, and their American clients, see Argentines as being more civilized and trustworthy than Mexicans or, g-d forbid Mexican-Americans, they get handed every job in the world on a European tinged silver platter.

I do feel sorry for the Argentine food stylist in Buenos Aires who had to figure out what Mexicans (sorry, mejicanos as he says, because they can't even get that mexicanos thing culturally correct) eat. Looks like he just threw anything green or red on a grill whether it was remotely Mexican or not and hoped for the best.