Thursday, August 30, 2012

10459: Go Ahead, Make My Convention.

Not sure who thought it would be a good idea to invite Clint Eastwood to appear at the Republican National Convention. After all, GOP critics have accused President Obama of being out of touch and spending too much time golfing with Hollywood celebrities. Bringing in an A-list actor who has already demonstrated a willingness to shill for Madison Avenue seemed a tad hypocritical. Eastwood wound up representing his hosts pretty well. For starters, he made John McCain look downright youthful. Talking to an empty chair only compounded the sense of doddering senility. His most memorable line of the evening—“Go ahead, make my day”—is a roughly 30-year-old catchphrase. The man came off as awkward and outdated, with a touch of meanspiritedness. Yes, Eastwood perfectly symbolized all the qualities that define the Republican Party.

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